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Sunday , July , 21 , 2019


We, at PIE, understand how important it is for your needs and questions to be addressed. This resource is dedicated to assist you at reaching your goal, the highest quality of education.

It is our goal to help families who are considering home schooling to find the support and information they need. This resource is organized into several sections that will help you become familiar with home schooling, state law, accountability associations, support groups and much more.


PIE provides the security of a proper legal covering while giving the freedom to choose and implement an educational program that best fits your child’s needs. Accountability requires the office of PIE to coordinate annually with members, each school district members reside in, and South Carolina’s State Department of Education. An overview of the third option laws is provided. Click Here

In addition, each year, members find themselves communicating with various organizations for various reasons. An overview of PIE's Accountability Program is provided. Click Here

Each year, the State Department of Education conducts an annual review of the association’s standards to ensure that the minimum requirements of the association are met. PIE's documentation correlates with each section of the home school laws to ensure members are fully aware of all requirements. An overview of PIE's Documentation is provided. Click Here


PIE was created out of the belief that education should be both affordable and non-intrusive. The purpose of PIE is to provide a legal means to home school your children at a minimal cost to you, the parent. The office of PIE takes a unique approach to achieving our purpose. Our approach is based on a common interest and responsibility between the office of PIE and each member where the administration and its members work together.

The ultimate objective of PIE is to provide an association that members are proud to be a part of, meets state requirements at a minimum cost to the parent, and provides additional educational services members need and/or want in order to grow their home school program, from start to finish. An overview of PIE's membership services will be provided here in the near future.


The following is a short list of some very basic questions every parent/teacher will consider at some point within their perspective home school program.

  • What are the requirements?
  • Who do you need to contact?
  • How do you find a support group?
  • Which curriculum should you use?
  • How do you maintain records?
  • Which courses should your child take?
  • How may credits will your child need?

We can create any FAQ item you need. Submitting your question is a simple three step process; click the "Submit a Question" link, enter details concerning your question, click send - that's all it takes. Anyone that wants to get involved has the opportunity to help us build a quality resource everyone can use. A link to our Frequently Asked Questions page will be provided here in the near future.


Unfortunately, not all questions are going to be so basic. In fact, many parent/teachers will come to the conclusion that navigating through time sensitive information, an endless flow of materials to choose from, and rules that are continuously changing, is a very daunting task. The office of PIE desires to help in this area as well.

Managing knowledge is a process that involves several layers of involvement. Researching and collecting quality information, organizing and creating knowledge, and reaching a competent level of understanding for how it all comes together. Through the use of networking and Internet technologies we are able to provide a member resource center (member center), that serves as our knowledge management/social application. A link to our Member Center will be provided here in the near future.


As a member of our association, the home school family enjoys the security of a proper legal covering, membership services designed specifically for the home school program, knowledge management resource, and the opportunity to share information, ideas, and the latest news with other members. A link to PIE's registration process is provided. Click Here

Revised 04/28/2017