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Sunday , October , 02 , 2022


Contact us through postal services, phone, fax, email, website, social networks, or contact form (below), at your convenience.
Feel free to consult us

The purpose of PIE is to provide a legal means to home school your children at a minimal cost to you, the parent. The office of PIE takes a unique approach to achieving our purpose. Our approach is based on a common interest and responsibility between the office of PIE and each member where the administration and its members work together.

The ultimate objective is to provide an association that members are proud to be a part of, meets state requirements at a minimum cost to the parent, and provides the resources and support you need through effective communication.

Contact Info
Address : P.O. Box 2475 Aiken, SC 29802
Phone : (803) 649-2415
Fax : (803) 643-1843
Email :
Website :
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