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Friday , June , 05 , 2020


SC Code of Law, Section 59-65-47 is established for “Third Option” accountability associations, home schools, and their requirements.

Parents or guardians maintaining a valid membership with a “Third Option” accountability association, which has no fewer than fifty members, may teach their children from the home school setting. Continuing compliance with the academic standards and requirements of a “ Third Option” accountability association exempts the home school from the requirements placed upon the “First Option” (provided in section 59-65-40), or the “Second Option” (provided in section 59-65-45)

PIE's application package consists of the following documentation (The office of PIE recommends members maintain a copy of the following documentation with their educational records).

Application Form: This form provides the office of PIE with the parent/guardian’s current contact information, mailing address, and student enrollment. An application form is filled out annually and is maintained with the members file.

Parent Association Agreement Form: This form indicates the applicant is aware of what is required from them by SC Code of Law for third option home schools and Palmetto Independent Educators continuing compliance with the academic standards and requirements as a “Third Option”. Membership requires first time applicants, or members reinstating their membership from an inactive status, to sign and turn in a copy of the parent association agreement form. The parent association agreement form is maintained with the members file.

South Carolina’s home school laws require the home school program be conducted by the parent, or guardian, of the home school student. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, close family friends, and trusted neighbors will not qualify unless they have obtained legal guardianship through the proper channels. However, there is no reason why these individuals cannot be solicited to assist parents and/or legal guardians with their home school program when necessary.

Notification of Student Transfer Form: This form notifies the school your child is legally home schooling under the auspices of PIE. A copy of the notification of student transfer form is maintained with the members file, with the original sent to the public school administrators.

School Year Review Form: This form closes out the current school year, verifies attendance requirements have been met, and informs the office PIE of your need for the next school year application package. This form also informs PIE of any additional needs we may be of help with. The School Year Review form is filled out annually and maintained with the members file.

Revised 04/28/2017