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Friday , June , 05 , 2020


SC Code of Law, Section 59-65-47 is established for “Third Option” accountability associations, home schools, and their requirements.

Parents or guardians maintaining a valid membership with a “Third Option” accountability association, which has no fewer than fifty members, may teach their children from the home school setting. Continuing compliance with the academic standards and requirements of a “Third Option” accountability association exempts the home school from the requirements placed upon the “First Option” (provided in section 59-65-40), or the “Second Option” (provided in section 59-65-45).

Each year the State Department of Education shall review the association standards to ensure that requirements of the association, at a minimum, include the following:

Law A: A parent must hold at least a high school diploma or the equivalent general educational development (GED) certificate; PIE requires one copy of the parent – teacher’s diploma or GED certificate to be kept on file in the office.

Law B: The instructional year is at least one hundred eighty days; PIE requires an attendance record for each student.

Law C: The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the basic instructional areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature; and the parent/teacher shall maintain educational records. PIE understands that because each student has different needs and learning styles, the parent/teacher is the best person to determine in what manner to present the required subjects. Even though we do not review any specific lesson plans or diaries in order to check for compliance to the law, it is understood that it is the responsibility of each parent/teacher to cover all of the required subjects with each student.

Law D: Educational records shall be maintained by the parent-teacher and include:

a plan book, diary, or other record indicating subjects taught and activities in which the student and parent-teacher engage;

a portfolio of samples of the student's academic work; and

a semiannual progress report including attendance records and individualized documentation of the student's academic progress in each of the basic instructional areas specified in item (c) above.

PIE suggests that a daily planner, diary or journal be kept on each child that includes a list or description of lessons/activities for each subject taught. A separate folder (portfolio) should be kept that includes a list or description of student’s best work in each subject throughout the year. Also this folder should contain any tests, quizzes, report papers or other documents that indicates a student’s mastery of the required material.

By January thirtieth of each year, all “Third Option” accountability associations shall report the number and grade level of children home schooled through their association to the children's respective school districts.

Revised 04/28/2017